RF Design

Radio network planning comprises of radio network dimensioning, planning of the coverage, capacity, frequency allocation and interference analysis. It includes detailed planning, which concentrate on parameter planning with necessary field measurement.

RF Optimization

Cellular network optimization (spectrum refarming). Outdoor-to-indoor and indoor-to-outdoor interference analysis. Multi-system coverage studies (heterogeneous networks). Coverage improvement for specific events: exhibition halls, sports arenas.

Indoor Services

Our core business lies in the In-Building Wireless Network Design, Optimization, Installation, Commissioning and Testing services for all major Wireless Technologies.

Drive / Walk Test Services

Technology changes has increase the need for drive testing services over the last decade. We support benchmark drive testing, site shakedowns, Pre & Post Network Launch Optimization drives, model tuning drives, data throughput testing , E911 testing and new site turn-up testing for all technologies.


Verification that the delivered hardware and software is working properly (network element powered on /complete stand-alone). Tests the equipment according to the commissioning manuals. Verification of the release level of the platform software and licenses

Event Monitoring

Event monitoring is the process of collecting, analyzing, and optimizing the network at real time. Quad Tech has supported arenas, stadiums, events etc